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Alarm Sistemleri

Today, many thefts occur. No matter how many people say that I protect my house and my workplace, there are events that escape from the human eye. Thieves can easily deceive people or break into the house and workplace when people are gone. When this happens, the need for alarm systems is gradually increasing. We need to use these systems to ensure that our home and workplace are safe. As a company we will tell you a few things about the types of alarm systems. Before we talk about our services, we consider it more appropriate to provide a few information about our company.

Brief Information About Alarm Systems

Alarm systems were established in 2003. Our company operates in eight sectors. These include alarm, camera, pdks, web design and services, barcode, software and hostingserver. We have a customer-oriented approach. In addition, our company has taken part in various social responsibility and sponsorship projects. Alarm systems provide services with more than 200 companies and nearly 35,000 employees. In addition, our investments abroad not only in Turkey.

What are the Alarm System Types?

Our company serves in many sectors. We will explain some of these. Our alarm types are divided into home alarm system, workplace alarm system, jewelery alarm system, store alarm system, land alarm system, counterfeit alarm and textile alarm. The prices of our alarm systems are 650 TL. These types of alarms can keep you safe anywhere. You can buy the products from our website. You can return the products within 3 days after receiving the products which are unpacked and free of charge.

What are the features of Workplace Alarm Systems?

Most business alarm systems are sold among the alarm systems. So we will explain this system in detail as an example. You can find detailed information about our other systems on our website. We recommend 5 protected security packages for the workplace. This package provides protection against theft, fire, emergency health, gas leakage and panic. In case of theft, a loud sound is heard and the alarm is immediately alerted to the police. In case of fire, you press the fire button and send a signal to the alarm center. In case of a gas leak, the detectors notify you and the police as soon as they detect a gas leak. In emergency health, you have an ambulance button and you send a signal. In the event of a panic at work, you immediately press the button and send a signal and the police come to your office.


Alarm Systems In the undesirable situations that may occur in houses and workplaces, alarm systems should be used to prevent the most negative situations that may arise in the case of fire, flooding, thief and extortion. The material used in alarm systems, assembly and discovery is a whole, we offer you the most appropriate and most reliable system can be made.

All of the materials used in alarm systems, security systems and camera systems are all first class. Allar systems are a job that requires precision, people want to know that their goods and loved ones are safe when they are not at home, because of this feeling they take various measures, steel doors, steel safes and many other measures can be taken into their homes, , burglary, intrusion into the house such as the most effective way to prevent situations such as alarm systems.



Alarm Systems are the most effective methods to deter and prevent theft and robbery. Even if your home and work items are insured, it seems reasonable and necessary to take deterrent measures against theft. With the insurance system, you protect your assets while protecting your life and your loved ones with the Alarm System. Contrary to popular belief, not only expensive and detached houses, but all houses are at risk of being robbed.

In today's technology, all the products we use in the Alarm System are equipped with technology that will take your security to the highest level. Research shows that electronic alarm systems will be widely used in the future.

In order to ensure the highest level of performance in a security system, the products to be used and the system to be designed must be suitable for your home and workplace and fully meet the security need. In connection with this, the selected alarm system products must be installed correctly and tested with the signals sent to the Alarm Monitoring Center. The system should be continuously checked by the Alarm Monitoring Center with the test signals that will come regularly every day after the installation of the Alarm System. High material quality in the Alarm System to be installed, technical support before and after sales

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